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  • What is the format for IMPACT2024 Conference?
    The IMPACT2024 Conference will be held in a fully in-person format. There is no virtual option to participate in the conference sessions. The conference planning team looks forward to welcoming you in Hong Kong.
  • Where will IMPACT2024 Conference take place?
    The venue for the conference will be the School of Hotel and Tourism Management of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hotel ICON. Both are located at 17 Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong. In addition to taxis and Uber, there are a myriad of public transportation options available. For further information, please refer to the Conference Venue page for more details.
  • Is the Video-on-Demand (VOD) of IMPACT2024 Conference available on website for playback?
    We are sorry to let you know that there will not be any VOD recordings available on the conference’s website.
  • In case of inclement weather, will IMPACT2024 Conference be postponed?
    While inclement weather conditions are not anticipated, should it happen, we will contact each attendee individually and provide them with the latest arrangements through their registered email. We will also update the conference website as appropriate. For any queries, please contact
  • Do I need to apply VISA before entering Hong Kong if I am interested in joining IMPACT2024 Conference?
    The Immigration Department’s Visit Visa or Entry Permit Requirements for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has listed the countries or territories which always require a VISA. Please check on their official website if you need a VISA to enter Hong Kong. Should you have any further enquiries, please check with your local Immigration Department for confirmation. For any queries, please contact
  • Is there any dress code for IMPACT2024 Conference?
    There is no strict restriction on the dress code but business or business casual attire for IMPACT2024 Conference are preferred.
  • Are there any hotel recommendations for attending IMPACT2024 Conference?
    You are highly recommended to stay at Hotel ICON which is the nearest accommodation to the conference venue. You can enjoy a special rate offered by Hotel ICON if you have completed the registration process for IMPACT2024 Conference successfully. Please contact Senior Sales Manager Ms Loretta LEUNG through email at with a special code "IMPACT2024" in the subject line after you have completed the registration payment.
  • What is included in the registration fee?
    The registration fee for IMPACT2024 Conference includes the opening ceremony, all speaker sessions, research paper presentation sessions, the Welcome Reception (11 October), Refreshment Breaks (12-13 October), Buffet Lunches (12-13 October), and the Gala Dinner (12 October).
  • When would be the registration deadline for IMPACT2024 Conference?
    The registration deadline of IMPACT2024 Conference would be on the 7 October 2024 (Monday, GMT +8). Registration on or before 15 August 2024 (Thursday, GMT +8) could enjoy an early bird discount at HK$2,800. Please note that the registration fee depends of the date you settle the full payment. Please refer to the Registration page for more information.
  • May I do the registration for IMPACT2024 Conference on-site?
    On-site registrations are not accepted. Should you be interested in attending IMPACT2024 Conference, please register on or before 7 October 2024 (Monday, GMT +8). Please review the online registration form by clicking on the Registration page.
  • May I mail or fax in the IMPACT2024 Conference registration form?
    We are sorry that mailing or faxing in the registration form are both not accepted. We are only accepting online registration forms for IMPACT2024 Conference. Please find the online registration form by clicking on the Registration page.
  • Is there a discounted fee if I only attend a part of the IMPACT2024 Conference?
    We are sorry there is no discount for participants attending a part of the IMPACT2024 Conference.
  • In case I have made any mistakes in filling in the information for the IMPACT2024 Conference registration form after it is submitted, is there any possible way to amend it?
    Please kindly make a request to the Organising Committee through It is not necessary to submit a new registration form.
  • What are the payment methods for IMPACT2024 Conference?
    Accepted forms of payment for IMPACT2024 Conference registration are Credit Card (via VISA, MasterCard, Union Pay), Faster Payment System (FPS) and Bank Transfer. Please follow the instructions in the registration form or acknowledgement email to complete the payment.
  • Can I check if the payment for IMPACT2024 Conference registration is successful?
    After submitting the registration form online, you will receive an acknowledgment email. A separate email confirming your successful payment will be sent to your registered email upon settlement of the full registration fee. For any queries, please contact
  • If I completed my registration on or before 15 August 2024 but I make my payment on or after 16 August 2024, what is the exact amount that I have to pay?
    Please note that the registration fee depends of the date you settle the full payment. All registrants will be charged HK$3,500 starting from 16 August 2024 (Friday, GMT +8), regardless of the submission date of the registration form.
  • If I have made a bank transfer right on 7 October 2024, given that it takes several working days for the money to be transferred, is my registration for IMPACT2024 Conference still acknowledged and accepted?
    All successful registrations should have the full payment procedures completed before 7 October 2024 23:59 (Monday, GMT+8), based on the time shown on your bank advice slip. Therefore, please settle the payment at your earliest convenience once you submit your registration form.
  • If I would like to cancel my registration, could I get a refund for the conference?
    We would offer a 50% refund for cancellations received in writing on or before 7 October 2024 (Monday, GMT +8). No refund request would be accepted after 7 October 2024 (Monday, GMT +8). To cancel a registration and request a refund, please send an email request to with the subject line "IMPACT2024 Refund".
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